About Us

We are the parents, grandparents, uncles, sisters, cousins, aunts and friends of adorable boys! We at Rivet want stylish children. Call us crazy but we want our little guys to look like cosmopolitan gentlemen not haggard, unkempt slouches. We have become fed up with the constant mom conversation starter of "Oh my, where did you find that....it's so hard to find cute things for my boys!". When shopping for our own little boys, we were frustrated with the lack of options.

First impressions matter, right? Let's recapture ideals of integrity, honor, fairness and kindness. We are not naive enough to think that wardrobe will change the world but it's a start.
​We are the revolution.

The answer now is Rivet!

Many people ask about the name Rivet. What is a rivet? A rivet is a small piece of metal that holds together 2 larger pieces of metal. It is small but mighty. A lot like our sons, they bond things together, moms & dads, family to family, teammates and best friends. A boy, like a tiny rivet in an engine, holds things together with their tiny power. Children are the thing that connects us to one another in the greatest of ways and as a mom I want my boys to connect to more than just sweatpants and athletic t-shirts. I want the world to see a force to be taken seriously.


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